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This is China king in Kingsland, Georgia, Thanks for visiting our website, please double check our address before placing an online order. Everyone please stay safe.

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  • seaho***** posted at 1/10/2024
    Just moved here, wanted to try the local Chinese restaurant. Won't be back. The sauce was clumpy, portion was small, overpriced! Just not quality,
  • nanan****** posted at 12/12/2022
    The pork fried  was dark brown and seems to have been mad using burnt or old oil. All of the food was extremely greasy like it was reheated using burnt oil. I won’t be back. How long can a company continue to be in business putting out poor quality food. 
  • chinakin******** posted at 12/6/2022
    You're all lying about my delicious Chinese cuisine, friends; we make the best food in Queensland at rock-bottom prices. Please take the time out of your day to comment better things before we make you into a lo mein.
  • makayla******* posted at 9/13/2022
    Found hair and metal in my food! I will NEVER eat here again. 
  •******* posted at 8/10/2022
    I used to go to China king a lot. I picked up an order today and it absolutely stunk inside. Maybe they need to move to a new place or do a really deep cleaning. I won’t be back until they do
  • danie***** posted at 5/20/2022
    Do you know that your Menu online is over 10 years old and needs to be updated 
  • nan.c***** posted at 4/9/2021
    Worst food ever, egg drop soup was runny, more dough than chicken in the General Taos, no flavor in the pork fried rice and cheese wonton were greasy.
  • LoyalFi******** posted at 8/19/2019
    I was told by rude manager that the Szechuan chicken dinner combo I have been buying there for 10 tens doesn't have broccoli in it. I want to speak to owner this is bad service and I am not purchasing dinner there any longer with employees who do not know their food.
    Very Disappointed
  • * posted at 5/26/2019
  • mfi*** posted at 3/26/2019
    Great Chinese American food, love it!
  • appelleg******** posted at 2/9/2019
    No mushroom on both lo mein
  • he*** posted at 1/22/2019
  • stevea****** posted at 1/16/2019
    on 1-15-19 my husband bought me  lunch portion chicken and brocoli it was terrible no flavor at all and the rice was dry it had no onions and  their were carrots and peas and no eggs i will not be returning 
  • in** posted at 10/27/2018 | |
  • t.joshua.********* posted at 9/20/2018
    Thanks for being here. I love your customer service and your food. 
  • lachr****** posted at 7/7/2018
    $2 for a couple extra mushroom slices in soup? SeriousIy? You can buy a whole package for that price. Complete rip-off! 
  • jwduf***** posted at 6/6/2018
    I have ordered from you several times and never had an issue. Tonight I ordered D17, according to your website it is shrimp in garlic sauce, I received beef. 
  • gjschr******* posted at 5/14/2018
    We usually have good, fresh cooked food at a great price. Tonight my husband and I BOTH had 1/2" chicken bone shards in each of our meals, General Tso's and Orange Chicken. Luckily we caught them before damage was done! BTW, there are crispy noodles by the condiments but be sure not to miss the sign saying they cost $.60!!!
  • jhig***** posted at 3/24/2018
    There is no option to select white rice for dinner combos in the family meal.